During these hard economic times, you may find yourself wearing and purchasing costume/fashion jewelry instead of the more expensive pieces of jewelry.  Fine fashion jewelry is jewelry that uses less expensive materials (i.e. gold and silver is layered over a base metal).  If you have bought jewelry that was not behind a locked glass case, you have bought fashion jewelry.

What Damages Fashion Jewelry?

No matter how careful you may think you are handling your jewelry, the act of wearing your jewelry damages it.  Your skin consists of oils that can dull your jewelry.  Hairspray, perfumes, and make up all do their share in dulling and or eroding the shine of your jewelry.  The damage may not be obvious during the first few wears of your cherished pieces, but after constant wear, you will notice that your shiny gold and silver are starting to look dull.  Some people enjoy the antiqued look, but when the gold is looking mottled and dirty green…well, that’s unattractive.

How Do I Preserve My Fashion Jewelry?

Jewelry cleaners are a sure way to damage your fine fashion jewelry.  They may look simple and the perfect solution, but there are some key ingredients you MUST keep away from your jewelry and these ingredients are found in many popular cleaners:

  • vinegar
  • ammonia
  • acids
  • alcohol

Now if you find a cleaner that does not contain any of the listed ingredients, then use with extreme caution.  Some sources will suggest a glass cleaner or soapy water for cleaning your jewelry and those suggestions can cause your jewelry to corrode with hidden ammonia in the glass cleaner or become dull from soap film.

Another old school way of preserving your fashion jewelry is using a little trick my grandmother taught me.  Brush a little bit of clear nail polish onto your metals to preserve the shine and color.  Now this little trick does two things.  It puts a high gloss onto the metal and it prevents the natural yet eroding oils from your skin to break down the chemistry in the gold/silver plated base metal.  This trick may sound easy, but it must be done with care because a rush job with a partially wet brush could put unwanted streaks and clumps on your jewelry.  So take the time to purchase a brand new bottle of good clear polish and carefully cover your exposed metals.  Allow sufficient time for drying before wearing.

Lastly, if you find a wonderful piece of fashion jewelry that you know you will wear often, then purchase two.  Having multiples would help insure that you would always have your favorite jewelry available in spite of loss and damage.

Was This Helpful?

Hopefully this article has provided you at least one way to preserve your favorite fashion jewelry.  During these economic times, people are counting their pennies and holding on to what they have with a vice grip.  So do whatever you can to continue looking fabulous and preserve that fashion jewelry.